The Realtor's 5 Step Guide to Explosive Referrals

Real estate referrals made easy...

Want to 4x the number of referrals you get?

Start your automated referral campaign today and motivate your sphere to refer you the clients you deserve!


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2) Share your referral link

3) Follow up with your referrals!


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How Realtors get more listings:

"Most of my referrals only came from past clients. Now they come from everyone."

- Jennifer B.

"You can't beat personal referrals, but you need a way for your sphere to take action."

- Tim H.

"I always welcomed referrals, and now I have more of them. The conversations are so much easier - they're already wanting to work with me."

- Linda M.

 You've heard of lead gen. This is referral gen...

While the real estate industry is booming, the average real estate pro will make less than $50K this year due to unprecedented competition.

Most real estate pros have two challenges in finding deals:

1) Establishing themselves as a community leader 

2) Finding qualified leads on a consistent basis 


That’s why we created Referral Program Pros - to give real estate pros like you a strategic advantage, using the resources you already have to build a successful client referral campaign.

HOW it works:


Campaign Creation

We create your personalized referral campaign with your own branded referral tool, clear instructions and rewards of your choosing to motivate your sphere.




Share your campaign link with your sphere. Anyone with your link can now earn rewards just for  promoting you via social media and email in seconds!


New Clients!

Contact info for every referral is emailed to you immediately for quick and easy follow-up. YOU determine when/if to reward the referral source.


WHAT you'll get: 


📅 Campaign Kit
We give you all the steps to promote and run your referral campaign so you can rinse and repeat for more referrals.
🛠️ Custom Branded Referral Tool
Your EASY and AUTOMATED referral tool to generate referrals, 24/7.
📃 4 Pre-Written Emails
Proven to motivate people to take the action you need and start getting the word out!
#️⃣ 30 Pre-Created Social Media Posts
Engage your sphere by marketing your referral campaign with done-for-you posts!
 Campaign Edits
Unlimited edits so you can test different rewards/offers.
☎️ Campaign Support
We make 100% sure you are successful by providing any guidance you may need.




WHY it works:


Over 35,000 referrals and counting!


As a Real Estate Professional, launching your own referral campaign makes it incredibly easy to tap into your sphere and generate NEW CLIENTS:

  • Provides a COMPELLING reason to engage your sphere
  • Generate CONSISTENT referrals on auto-pilot
  • Establish a clear "WHY" for your brand
  • Full control over your rewards, offers and referral links
  • Differentiate yourself as the clear option for your prospects 

Stay top of mind

People are busy. They usually want to refer clients to you, but they forget. Our system ensures they remember you and your business at every opportunity.

Motivate the people in your sphere

People love rewards and causes they can get behind. That's why our approach focuses on people taking ACTION to send you those valuable referrals.

Make it easy for people to send you referrals

This is really half the battle. We make the action of referring as simple as possible. Each one of your ambassadors can distribute your offers to everyone they know.

Get referrals in real-time

The speed of business is always increasing. That's why we send you all the contact info you need for a great follow-up the minute your referred prospect shows interest.



If you don’t get at least 1 new client after using your referral tool for 90 days, we will refund 100% of your questions asked.


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