Not getting enough real estate leads from your sphere?

Start getting those valuable referrals you deserve, from everyone you know.

You've heard of lead gen. We do referral gen. All from your sphere with zero fees.

NAR and RESPA compliant. No contracts. Cancel anytime.


As a Real Estate Professional, launching your referrals for charity program makes it incredibly easy to tap into your existing sphere, motivating everyone you know to send clients your way, 24/7.

"I do much better with leads that come from past clients or people I know. This is where half of my clients come from now."

-Jennifer B. 

"You can't beat personal referrals, but you need a way for your sphere to take action."

-Tim H. 

"I always welcomed referrals. Now they come from people I've never even met!"

-Linda M. 



When you have a powerful "WHY" your sphere becomes a LOT bigger. 

You know that more referrals means more clients.

And more deals.

But you don't have the time or desire to bug every person in your sphere to send referrals your way.

Therefore, we developed an effective way for referrals and word of mouth sharing to be top of mind, easy and rewarding for everyone you know.


HOW we do it:

We set up your own personalized referrals for charity program that is easily shared with everyone.


Your referral program 

We create a custom landing page to share with your sphere including:

  • Your business - who you are, what you do and where you serve.
  • Your reward - the charity and donation amount they will receive for each referral.
  • Your offer - what special thing you are offering referred clients. Example: Free Home Estimate


Your prospect page

We create a custom landing page for referred prospects to get in touch with you.

  • Lead magnet - use this page as much as you want to share special offers with your leads.
  • Capture contact info - this page is designed to get contact info from interested buyers/sellers.
  • Automated notifications - all referrals are sent to you via email in real time for quick and easy follow-up.



Your promotion tools (optional)

We give you exactly what you need to promote your referral program.

  • Guidance and tips - how to keep your audience engaged week after week.
  • Pre-written emails - ready to send to your list of family, friends and past clients and get them engaged!
  • Social media posts - a calendar of images and copy specific to your referral program for each month. Ready to post and generate engagement!

A few words from our amazing clients...

WHY work with us:

We provide the tools and resources to get clients so you can focus on servicing clients.

  • Generate at least 4 client referrals per month!
  • Establish a clear "WHY" for your brand
  • Focus on selling to your sphere with weekly donation updates 
  • Full control over all aspects of your referral program
  • Update your offers and rewards to keep your referral program fresh and exciting
  • Differentiate yourself as the clear option for your prospects 



No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Real Estate Professional


($200 setup fee)

  • Custom website to market your referral program
  • Custom landing page for referred prospects
  • Ready-to-share images for social media
  • Monthly changes to your rewards and offers 
  • Monthly page design updates
  • Automatic notifications
  • Customer support
  • Guidance and resources

Real Estate Professional PLUS


($200 setup fee)

  • Custom website to market your referral program
  • Custom landing page for referred prospects
  • Ready-to-share images for social media
  • Unlimited revisions for offers, rewards and design
  • Promo emails for your sphere
  • Daily custom social media posts 
  • Content management
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • Automatic notifications 
  • Customer support
  • Guidance and resources



($1,500 setup fee)

Please schedule a call to discuss your needs.

  • All features from Real Estate Professional PLUS plan
  • Analytics
  • SEO
  • Customized landing pages
  • Dedicated support



If You Don’t Get A New Client After Using Your Referral Program For 90 Days, We Will Refund 100% Of Your Money. 




Stay top of mind...

People are busy. They usually want to refer clients to you, but they forget. Our system ensures they remember you and your business at every opportunity.

Motivate the people in your sphere...

People love rewards and causes they can get behind. That's why our approach focuses on people taking ACTION to send you those valuable referrals.

Make it easy for people to send you referrals...

This is really half the battle. We make the action of referring as simple as possible. Each one of your ambassadors can distribute your offers to everyone they know.

Get referrals in real-time...

The speed of business is always increasing. That's why we send you all the contact info you need for a great follow-up the minute your referred prospect shows interest.

Let's create your referral program!


Please complete this form so we can build your referral program.

We will email you the link within 48 hours for your review.

Upon your approval we will go live so you can start generating referrals!


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The average real estate pro will make less than $50K this year.


Yup! While real estate is booming, there are more people getting into the industry than ever before.


Most real estate pros have two challenges in finding deals:
  1. Establishing themselves as a community leader 
  2. Finding qualified leads on a consistent basis
That’s why we build Referral Program Pros - to give real estate pros like you an advantage, simply by giving back.
In the last 2 years we’ve helped over 1,000 agents and brokers generate over 35,000 client referrals. I’d love for you to give it a try.


Tom Ryan | Founder, Referral Program Pros