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How Small Businesses thrive on word of mouth...

1) 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know (-Nielsen study).
2) People are 4 times more likely to buy when they are referred by a friend. 
3) We are living in a time when nearly 50% of buying decisions are made based on word of mouth (according to DCR Strategies).
Think about that for a minute.  Would a few more referral sources make an impact on your business?  Would 20?  100?   
In today's entrepreneurial landscape, consumers and businesses are faced with numerous options, and it’s becoming much harder to stand out from the crowd. 
BUT, this has made word of mouth more relevant now than ever!  There is HUGE opportunity when it comes to word of mouth and it's important to get ahead of the curve.
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A solution for Small Business Owners...

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business, think of the people you know who would advocate for you if properly motivated. 
They might be family, friends, acquaintances or past customers. 
It's all about inviting people YOU think would make stellar advocates for your business to join forces with you in making your business great, and share in the profits along the way. 
Our platform walks you through this strategy step by step. 
How to present your referral program, the messaging to use, what specifics are important, what to offer based on your accounting business, how to incentivize to get results, track everything, make your payouts and much more...

Why did we create this platform?

After working with hundreds of small businesses, we realized that precious few of them ever capitalize on their best asset and easiest path to real growth - referrals.  As a Small Business Owner, it's important to take advantage of ALL positive word of mouth opportunities. 

In short, we enable you to maximize...

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It's well known that referrals pay for themselves many times over.  Get  your referral machine up and running and see for yourself.

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Imagine how much better you can make your business when new customers are pouring in, meaning less time spent generating leads.

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Brand Awareness 

People love playing matchmaker. Imagine the results once you give them the tools and incentives to help build your brand alongside you!

Your one stop shop to generate referrals...and revenue.

  • Craft offers that fit your unique business model
  • Create eye catching offers with simple, ready-to-use landing pages
  • Send invitations and welcome letters to your Ambassadors
  • Distribute your referral offers via email and/or text message
  • Update your Ambassadors on new offers
  • Optimize your offers to maximize revenue
  • Track your referrals and earnings!
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