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The Ultimate Referral System

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Referrals are the #1 sales channel for client acquisition.


We help business professionals maximize this channel with a proactive system for referrals.


It's time to automate and scale your client referrals!


How it works:

1) Create unique offers

Your own branded landing page! Create any offer you'd like to share with your referral sources (we call them Ambassadors) with an easy-to-use template. 

We create your first offer for you!

2) Send your invitations

Launch your referral program by inviting your family, friends, acquaintances and clients to participate as your Ambassadors, all through the platform!

3) Receive and track your referrals

See which Ambassadors are sharing your offers the most, how many views your offers are getting and how many referrals you receive.

Maximize top of mind by sending Ambassadors your offers via email and SMS text!

Why do you need a referral system?



The Ultimate Referral System

 A killer combo to automate and scale your client referrals


Landing Page


Your own pre-built landing page with your referral offer, customized for your business!
(normally $349)
  • Ready to go offers for your referral sources and soon-to-be clients
  • Unique selling points for your business
  • Edit or add new offers at any time
  • Jump in and start building your invite list right away
  • Get your offers in the hands of your referral sources today

Referral Software


30 days access to the Referral Program Pros software platform - designed specifically for client referrals
(normally $49 per month)
  • Unique referral links for each of your Ambassadors
  • Text message feature to quickly distribute your referral links 
  • Real-time notifications for each referral sent your way
  • Contact info of each referred client for easy follow up
  • Tracking for all of your Ambassador activity and referrals sent your way

3 simple steps:


1)  Submit your info on the form.


2)  Complete your payment of $77 on the following page.


3)  Login and start generating referrals!

*Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the login info for your referral program.


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"I got 14 referrals in my first month! Most months I was lucky to get 1 or 2."

-Diane L.

"Totally changed my approach to word of mouth marketing. The number of referrals I'm getting from my own network with this tool is very eye-opening." 

-Michael C.

"I will literally double my business in 3 months at this rate."

-Paul W.

Meet Dan, one of our case studies...


Dan has been a Realtor enjoying moderate success in Denver, CO.  He has some family and friends in the area with a few happy clients over the past few years. He attended some networking events before the pandemic and always handed out his business cards when it made sense but never received many referrals that way.  

He tried Zillow and used to spend around $1,200 per month with them. He also tried local newspapers and some direct mail but competition is everywhere and he was getting lost in the shuffle.  

One day Dan was talking to Jim, his previous co-worker. Jim mentioned how his sister Katie and her husband had already found a realtor but weren’t having a great experience. They both joked about how they should keep in touch more and how it would have been great for Katie and her husband to work with Dan instead.

Dan really wishes he could have been more "top of mind" for Jim and captured this referral. He almost certainly would have received a new client but also knows he could have really helped Katie and her husband.

It was because of this that Dan started using Referral Program Pros to organize and leverage his entire network for the sole purpose of getting more referrals. He signed up on the platform, created his offer (a free pre-move-in cleaning) with personalized branding/photos and invited 248 people to be referral sources for him, all on the platform.

Out of these 248 people, 87 ended up opting-in to receive email and texts with his offers and rewards for sending referrals his way.

7 of these had referrals for him right away.

Dan now makes regular monthly updates to his Ambassadors, briefly touching on the market conditions but really focusing on the earnings his referral sources have made, which now totals about $3K in just 2 months (Dan is in the middle of 4 deals as a result of these referrals at the time of writing this).

Dan is now receiving regular referrals each week from his original 87 people that opted-in and is adding to that list all the time.

Our Policy:

Ensure that you are successful.

 We exist only as long as we continuously grow your business. 

Our Guarantee:

Money back. No questions asked.

If you are not happy with your Referral Program, we will issue you a 100% refund at any time, for any reason. Period.

We create the referral program best suited for your unique business.

Your business is unique, and you should keep it that way!

That's why when it comes to your referral program, your unique offers are important.

Our team performs a thorough review of your business including your unique selling points, branding, elevator pitch and more before we create your referral program.

We then send you access to the platform where your new referral program awaits!

Let's grow your business together...