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LinkedIn Social Selling - A Digital Course [PRE-LAUNCH EARLY ACCESS]

LinkedIn Social Selling (A Digital Course)

Start selling your services on LinkedIn within 10 DAYS...

  • 2 hours
  • 34 actionable lessons
  • A proven system to start selling your services on LinkedIn within 10 days


What's Inside:


Your Audience & Your Offer

  • Learn the specific LinkedIn key characteristics of your prospects so you can effectively find them, engage with them and sell to them.
  • Understand how to easily identify your target ICP on LinkedIn and how your ICP guides your entire LinkedIn strategy.


Your Assets

  • Learn how to get found organically based on your industry and offer.
  • Learn how to create a high-converting LinkedIn profile from top to bottom.


Your Content Strategy

  • Learn how to create a simple plan for educational content.
  • Understand how to actually get engagement by properly structuring your posts.
  • Learn how to generate leads by inserting a call-to-action in all of your posts.


Your Connections & Engagement

  • Learn how to identify the right prospects to connect with.
  • Learn how to maximize your connections.
  • Understand how to grow your followers and generate leads by engaging in an effective way with the right people.


Your Outreach

  • Understand how to create a simple value-led resource to offer prospects.
  • Learn how to create an effective message that generates quality conversations with the right prospects.
  • Learn the secret tactics to scale your outreach and reach thousands of prospects each month.