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3 Secrets Every Top Realtor Knows

Did you know that the average Real Estate Agent in the US will make less than $50K this year?

I imagine if you're reading this article, you aren't aiming to be in that group.

So what do the top performers do differently to get the results you envy?

First, let's define a "top" performer as someone bringing in +$1mm in annual earnings.

You might not have a desire to get to that level, but the lessons here still hold true and should be practiced to up your game at any level.

SO, here are the 3 secrets every $1mm realtor knows about getting new clients that $50K realtors don't know.

1) $1MM realtors sell to their spheres

Whereas $50K realtors try to sell to prospects.

There is a major difference between broadcasting a message and building a message.

Broadcasting a message tends to be untargeted, expensive and time consuming. You're trying to tell everyone who will listed about what you do and why you're great.

It's exhausting, and ineffective.

This is only compounded when you don't have a super clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition).

Broadcasting is a great way to drown in the unending sea of boring marketing.

Building a message is methodical, very targeted, inexpensive and actually fun. In fact, it's probably a big reason why you got into real estate in the first place - to help people and make money doing it.

Building means working from a foundation.

Everyone has a sphere, but few truly leverage it or build upon it effectively.

Rather than finding random prospects and trying to convince them to trust you, instead, develop relationships within your sphere and talk about how you help people.

That way you are building a bigger and bigger sphere of trustful ambassadors instead of a long trail of random doubters.

Every relationship you have should open the door to at least 3 more - it's simply about KNOWING more people and ensuring that they KNOW you.

You see how this approach compounds quickly?

2) $1MM realtors market their USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Whereas $50K realtors all have the same boring message.

It's important to have your USP as you build, because consistency breeds trust and top of mind.

But if you DON'T have a clear USP, that's ok - building solves that as well because people will start to TELL you what your USP is. Not literally of course, but they will give you clues.

Your clients might say things like...

"Wow, you know everything about this market - you must be a research junky!"


"You made the whole process so much easier - I would have been a wreck without you."


"I love how active you are in your community and that you give back when you get a referral."

Listen for these comments as they should start to define WHY people chose you in the first place.

They are nuggets of gold for establishing a clear USP as you build.

3) $1MM realtors qualify their prospects before wasting too much time

Whereas $50K realtors talk to people who might NEVER be in the market.

It's probably cliche at this point, but your time is your MOST precious asset.

Use it wisely.

Avoid putting yourself in the position of hoping a prospect is qualified before knowing they're qualified.

Ask those important questions straight away.

You will actually come off as helpful vs pushy if you frame the questions correctly.

Example: "In an ideal world, when do you make the next move?" is better than "Are you trying to sell soon?"

You might be thinking...

"Hey, I serve everyone equally and I don't want to be pushy."

That's a great intention, but you won't be the only person who is let down.

Think of it this way - if you truly believe that you can help people achieve their dreams, shouldn't you be out there helping those people who are ready to act so you can actually execute for them?

How can you do that if you spend time with unqualified prospects?

Remember, your sphere, message and time are crucial to your success.

The very best put a major emphasis on all 3, and so should you.

Now go crush it!

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