Turn your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating asset.

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✅ Attract the right visitors     ✅ Clearly convey your offer      ✅ Convert visitors to leads 


Want ME to handle your LinkedIn Profile Upgrade?


Here's what's included:

Your banner image

Present on-brand messaging to clearly convey who you help and what your service is.

Your customized headline

Attract prospects to your profile with a clear WHO, WHAT and HOW format.

Your call-to-action link

Generate leads by having the right link at the top of your profile. 

Your featured section

Give your leads an easy path to engage with you and buy from you.

Your about section

Engage your prospects by clearly defining and understanding their problems.

Your messaging

Customized templates for your service that you can use to engage prospects with your offer.


Convert visitors into leads through:

-Clear messaging
-A professional look & feel
-Simple ways to engage with you

Richard Cohan

"Tom makes linkedin super simple and extremely effective. That's the magic he brings to the table. If you want to start generating actual business from your linkedin account, he's your guy."

Alina Trigub

"He made several great recommendations, which I was able to apply immediately to my profile to improve lead generation. Tom has some great ideas on how to help business owners with their lead generation."

Michael Bowen

"The content topics and structure are spot on and I'm delivering actual value to my audience, which is growing by the day."

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your new LinkedIn profile and messaging plan is not generating new leads after 30 days, I will provide a full refund. No questions ask.

Profile Upgrade



  • Your banner image
  • Your customized headline
  • Your call-to-action link
  • Your featured section
  • Your about section
  • Your messaging

Fill out a quick form and let me do the rest, including:

  • Your on-brand banner image to give prospects 100% clarity
  • Your customized headline to attract target prospects
  • Your link with call-to-action to generate leads
  • Your "Featured" section to guide your prospects
  • Your "About" section to provide more info and context for prospects
  • Your messaging for targeted outreach - templates to help you start conversations with your Ideal Client Profiles based on your unique offer/business.

*Turnaround time is 5 business days