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How To Advertise On Social Media For Free


Your prospects don’t believe you.

See, in the 1970's consumers saw about 500 ads per day.

Now they see between 5,000 - 10,000 per day.

This doesn’t mean that prospects SHOULDN’T believe you.

But because of the overwhelming amount of ads they see, they’ve become more skeptical.

The good news is that you have something big brands can't compete with.

How To Advertise On Social Media For Free

Years ago I was working with a guy named Matthew who owned a carpentry business.

It was 2014 and “digital marketing” was still a buzzword.

Matthew had been in business for only 6 months or so and hadn’t figured out a great channel to acquire new customers.

He was trying everything.

PPC, Craigslist, cold calling, cold emails, door knocking, you name it.

His messaging was off and after hearing him on the phone, he just wasn’t a great salesman.

But man he did great work.

So for a short term solution I started recommending him to some folks I knew that had random projects.

I told him to get some before and after pics that we could use in his marketing.

So he did.

And his clients liked him so much that they wanted to be IN the photos.

So now he had a bunch of photos WITH his clients SHOWING his work.

And I knew we had struck gold.

We started posting those on facebook and tagging his clients in the photos.

And they ate it up.

They were reposting like crazy.

They wanted to help Matthew grow his biz, but they ALSO wanted to show off their new kitchen cabinets, closets and staircases.

Then the calls started coming in.

Matthew couldn’t believe it.

He had been posting for months and months with nothing to show for it.

But now that OTHER people were posting, his schedule was bursting.

We didn’t realize it at the time, but these were now his “ads”.

And they were free!

Now the point here is not that taking cheesy photos with all of your clients should be your main growth strategy.

It’s more to illustrate that when OTHER people share what you do, it’s MUCH more powerful.

In fact it’s just about all we trust anymore.

But the part I want to really hit home with you…

This growth strategy is (nearly) free!

See, when you advertise on facebook or google or any other place, you pay for the ad placement.

There is no guarantee that it’s going to work.

But with a referral-first strategy, you only need to pay/reward your ambassadors AFTER you get a new client.

This is why I urge you to master word of mouth FIRST.

Get a referral program put in place, whatever it is.

Then add in other growth strategies AFTER your referral program is producing clients.


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