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5 Step Process to Generate Client Referrals on Linkedin

Most people think linkedin is for finding a job or promoting their brand.

They’re not wrong.

But that’s not the true power of the platform.

Linkedin is a treasure trove for generating referrals and acquiring new clients.

You just need...

  1. To give back a bit
  2. Know how to navigate it
  3. Good follow through

Check it out...


5 Step Process to Generate Client Referrals on Linkedin

1 | Connect With Business Owners


Business owners are well-connected people who get the value of referral relationships.

AND they have other needs outside of what you offer (this will come into play later).

Here’s how to connect with them:

-Target those who post more frequently - that way you know they’re active.

-Comment on a couple of their posts.

-Send them a connection request.

-Once they accept, send them a quick note to introduce yourself along with something you liked about their profile.

This might sound like a lot of steps but it’s WAY more efficient than blindly connecting with everyone.


2 | Make a List

Your list should contain all the different industries that your prospects might also be buying from.

Here’s a bunch of them if you’re having trouble:


Architectural Design


Business Coaching


Carpet Cleaning




Financial Planning


House Cleaning



Interior Design

Janitorial Services

Junk Removal


Mortgage Lending





Real Estate



Security Systems


Tree Removal


(you get the point)


3 | Listen For Needs

If you’re really listening with the intention of helping, you will hear about all kinds of needs.

You name it, there are people out there who need it.

It’s your job to find needs.

And when you’re connecting with business owners, you can find out all kinds of needs they have.


4 | Make Intros

Did you know you can send a GROUP message to 2 or more people right from linkedin?

Just go to your “Messages” tab at the top and then type in the individual name of each person.

No alt text provided for this image


Then type your message and send away.

This is super powerful for 4 reasons:

  1. It’s hard to ignore a group message
  2. It positions you as someone who adds value for BOTH people
  3. It creates 2 new potential referral sources
  4. It can be done at scale


5 | Follow Up

This is the fun part.

Not only will you get to see the magic you created, but you now have a reason to talk to your new referral sources.

Check in with each person individually.

Ask the buyer if the seller seemed like a good fit.

Ask the seller if the buyer was the type of client they’re looking for. 

Then make a simple ask…

Do you know anyone that I should be talking to about [service you provide]?


See, referrals don’t have to be complicated or hard to get.

And it doesn’t take much to position yourself as a valuable asset in the networks of hundreds of business owners.

So have fun with this strategy and start soon - because it only compounds with time.


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