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How To Get Clients From Anyone

Most people think that a referral has to come from a past client.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

Referrals can and should be coming in regularly from all kinds of people in your life.

Because a referral is simply someone that is being told to talk to you by someone they trust.

And that's exactly how you should approach referrals...

How to get clients from anyone:

Think of the top 5 most popular people you know.

They might be community leaders, business owners, or just people that others look up to.

You're going to book phone calls with these people.

You're not going to talk about your business.

You're going to talk about them.

The first question to ask is...

So how did you get into [their line of work]?

This will lead to follow up questions.

You'll learn a lot and they'll appreciate your asking.

The second question:

What would make your business easier?

If they're like most business owners, they'll say something about customer acquisition.

That's when you mention your interest in sending them referrals.

You might say "I'd love to have a great business in the [THEIR INDUSTRY] to send referrals to".

Should I send them directly to you or someone else?

Naturally, they will offer to do the same.

Then the next chance you get?

Send them a referral!

Now, SOME of these conversations will turn these people into outright referral sources.

But MOST of these conversations will get the people you need to talk about your business, to do just that. 

Want a shortcut?

Use LinkedIn! 

A few quick messages can get these calls booked in a single day.

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