Start actually getting clients on LinkedIn.

Turn your LinkedIn account into a lead gen asset by putting your "Value Offer" in front of 100+ target prospects every day.




Do you know where your next client is coming from?


The answer to this question determines whether you will...

A) Grow your business and smash your goals.


B) Keep spinning your wheels and question your biz.


This is why it's so crucial to have a reliable, client acquisition system installed in your business.

But the old "spray and pray" approach just doesn't work.

Which is exactly why I help each of my clients develop their own unique Value Offer At Scale.

Then I execute this strategy for them by reaching a high volume of their Ideal Client Profiles.

And when you combine these two things together, you not only get in-market clients... you also grow your audience and email list in a compounding way that normal outreach can never touch.



Your "Value Offer"

Together, we create a simple Value Offer for your ICP (Ideal Client Profile).

This could be a:

  • Guide
  • Blueprint
  • Whitepaper 
  • Pre-recorded video
  • Custom, personalized video

No matter what it is, it will be designed to sell your MAIN offer to your audience.

This outreach strategy converts "in-market" prospects at a much higher rate.

But it also allows you to compound your email list (more on that later).

Targeted Outreach

I craft compelling, value-based messaging to start conversations for you on linkedin.

The key here is value-based. We're not just pitching everyone we connect with.

And don't worry - I help you get the outreach messages just right.

You get notified when you get new leads so you can take over from there.

Or if you want us to handle the appointment setting from A-Z, we can do that too.

Guaranteed Consistency

You don't have to worry about:

  • Finding the right leads
  • Creating the right messages
  • Sending messages every day
  • Tracking your leads leads 
  • Setting up appointments

You simply get warm leads and/or appointments delivered to you.

Week in and week out.


4 Step Process For Your LinkedIn Outreach Success:

(These are the items we cover on our kick-off call)

1 | Profile Optimization

Starting with an optimized profile is crucial to your LinkedIn success. 

I upgrade your profile to get it ready for prime-time.

That means it's searchable, clear and compelling to attract your ideal clients and convert them into leads.

2 | Audience Targeting

Targeting the right people is critical to success on LinkedIn.

That's why we have a kickoff call to determine your specific Ideal Client Profile.

And you might have more than one audience - that's ok too.

3 | Your Messaging

Together, we'll create a compelling "Value Offer" that we use in your messaging to your Ideal Client Profiles.

This strategy does 3 important things:

1) It qualifies your leads

2) It enables you to demonstrate your expertise

3) It builds your email list

4 | Easy Conversions

You will receive a simple spreadsheet containing all of your leads with links to their LinkedIn profiles.

You can choose to either take over from there OR have appointments booked straight to your calendar.


Transparent pricing to fit your needs

2 plans to choose from:




✅ 100+ outbound messages per day to your Ideal Client Profiles

✅ Organized leads sheet for easy conversions

✅ LinkedIn profile update and optimization

✅ Detailed audience targeting

✅ Crafting of your "Value Offer"

✅ Custom crafted outreach messages

✅ Ongoing campaign optimization

✅ Strategy calls

✅ Simple client dashboard






Everything in Pro Plan, plus...

✅ 150+ outbound messages per day to your Ideal Client Profiles

✅ Qualified appointments booked directly to your calendar

✅ Done-for-you linkedin connections 






✅ Topics of your choice

✅ Positions you as a thought leader

✅ Adds authority to your personal brand

✅ Gives you much more visibility on linkedin



100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you follow my program and you don't start generating quality leads within 90 days, I will give you a FULL refund.
No questions asked.

Want some quick tips/tactics for YOUR linkedin profile?

Fill in your info and I'll create a personalized linkedin profile review video just for you.

Getting new clients becomes MUCH easier with a targeted approach done at SCALE.


Ready to launch your own linkedin strategy?