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Why you should be a hoarder with your prospects


Have you ever taken a barefoot walk on a sandy beach?

The kind of beach that's still wet so you can see your footprints?

Then when you turn around to go back, you notice just how many steps you've taken?

You'll see hundreds of footprints as you walk the other way.

Footprints you didn't even think about as you took that walk.

Well, your journey in getting clients is the same thing.

See, whether you're firing off emails, posting content, sending DMs, cold calling, taking meetings or doing any other kind of lead gen activity where you communicate with prospects, you're leaving a trace.

An impact.

Regardless of whether or not you actually convert the prospect, you have made an impression on them, for better or worse.

And you've already put in the work.

That's one outcome at least.

The other outcome is that the waves come and wash away all those footprints and you see nothing as you walk back.

That's how most people's beach walks go.

And that's how most people's prospecting goes.

See, most people completely disregard prospects that don't convert.

They think...

"Well, they're not getting back to me, onto the next!"


"They said no, that's ok, it' just a numbers game"

They throw them in the garbage with all the others.

Lost in the ocean, forever.

And they completely disregard the IMPACT they may have had on that prospect.

See, just because someone doesn't buy from you right now, doesn't mean they don't see the VALUE in what you offer.

It just means weren't quite ready or they weren't quite a fit AT THIS MOMENT.

Remember, only 2% of your prospects are ready to buy from you right now ANYWAY.

So this is where having a personal brand that produces regular, valuable content is an absolute game changer.

While most people are busy doing hand to hand combat with their lead gen, and forgetting about everyone that doesn't bite, SMART prospecting involves keeping EVERYONE in play FOREVER.

And you should do this for TWO reasons.

#1 (the obvious reason) - these people may buy from you at a later date.

#2 - these people can be excellent REFERRAL SOURCES for you.

I'll say it again...

Just because someone doesn't buy from you right now, doesn't mean they don't see the VALUE in what you offer.

But if you don't stay in front of them with content, they'll forget about you.

And then those referrals never have a chance of happening.

This is why you should be a HOARDER when you are prospecting.

There's zero downside, and tremendous upside.

I'll give you an example:

Dickie Bush is a known copywriting expert.

I haven't bought anything from him (yet).

But because he has stayed in front of me for years now, I recommend him to people looking for help with their copy.

See, to an extent I've ALREADY seen what he can do through his content.

So I know his paid stuff is going to be gold.

And you should have that same strategy.

So the next time one of your prospects doesn't buy, don't toss them away like an old kleenex.

-Connect with them on linkedin

-Add them to your email list

-Find a way to deliver them value

PUT yourself on their radar. STAY on their radar.

Not only will you 10x their likelihood of buying from you later, but you'll get that sweet word-of-mouth that propels a growing business.

This is far more simple than you think, especially once you develop a habit around it.

And it only compounds with time.


Rooting for you,



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