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6 Ways To Get More Referrals

"Old and boring" is a powerful growth strategy.

Think about it.

Why has Honey Nut Cheerios been advertising on TV for 40 years?

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Honey Nut Cheerrios commercial circa 1979.

Because our brains are hard-wired to pick up on repetition.

This repeated message creates the behavior that ol’ General Mills is gunning for.

Us buying a bunch of tiny dry brown doughnuts in a box.

And though you don’t have a General Mills sized marketing budget, you CAN at least maximize the eyeballs you ARE getting.

And if you do that, you can EASILY pick up at least one more referral each week.

See, if you provide a service for people, your business depends heavily on word of mouth.

In fact, word of mouth is probably the lifeblood of your business, or at least that’s what you’re working towards.

But the problem most of you have?

You aren’t ASKING for that word of mouth.

You might be asking actively but you’re probably not asking passively.

So what’s the difference?

“Actively” asking means you are literally talking/writing to someone about referring business your way.

“Passively” asking means you have simple reminders in place so everyone knows how much you appreciate referrals, and how they should make a referral when they have one.

So here’s a list of 6 places you can passively ask for referrals to create that "repetition effect".

(And whether you have an actual referral program in place or not, this is still very relevant. Just replace your referral program link with “Your referrals are extremely valuable to me” or something like that.)


1. Email Your People 

Send an email out to anyone that makes sense and tell them about your new referral program. Don't forget to include your referral link in the email and encourage them to share it on social media as well as email/text.


2. Add to Your Email Signature

Not only to your own email signature, but anyone else who works for you! This is a great place to remind people what they can earn EVERY time they get an email from you.


3. Share Your Link on Social Media

This one is huge because it makes it fast and easy for anyone to reshare it and get more eyeballs on both your ambassador and prospect pages. It's win-win all around.


4. Add It On Your Social Media Bios

A no-brainer. Usually people just have their website here or some other boring piece of content that doesn't actually DO anything to bring them revenue. Now you have a lead generator  working for you 24/7.


5. Text Your Link To Past Clients and Close Friends

Whenever you can make it fast and easy for people to share your stuff, do it. Text is great because it's so easy for someone to grab your link and just share on social media themselves. Talk about massive exposure. Plus now they have it in an easy-to-find place!


6. Put It On Your Website

Make sure it's in a visible place so people can jump on board at every opportunity. Congrats - you've just 10x'd the value of your website for your business!



Add a "Share Message" to your referral link so people know exactly what to do with it. Something like "Your word-of-mouth means the world to me. Please share your link via social, email/text to get your reward!" should do it.


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